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All rights of the site of belong to 9Ekim Companies Group. Any of all software products, and writing, article, document, tables, calendars and similar intellectual properties in the content of web site may not be used without written consent of 9Ekim Companies Group. It is forbidden to copy, to reproduce, to use and to distribute such products for any purpose without notice and without consent. Information can be used only by giving reference prominently with written consent received from 9Ekim Companies Group.

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User, who is the member of, guarantees correctness of all information provided. User is responsible for all transactions made with its own user name and password and all results to be arisen from these transactions. User may not give its own password and user name to another person.

Site of is a site which intermediates in the sales of car from foreigner to foreigner. All kinds of financial / penal obligations to be arisen from all vehicle information entries made with its own user name and password on the site and responsibility about correctness of provided information belong to user itself.

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Link can be given to other sites directly or indirectly in the site of The purpose of such links is providing information or advertisement. Contents of other sites linked over the site of are under the responsibility of linked sites. 9Ekim Companies Group may not be held responsible for contents of these sites, any problem to be arisen related to these sites.

About Information to be sent to by the Users

There are forms which are completed and sent via internet by the users in the site of Users are not entitled to use bad language, threat, provocation, disturbing words and contrary to law and to damage legal and personal rights of others. Due to the fact that such kinds of forms and pages are considered as intellectual properties of 9Ekim Companies Group, which is the owner of, it is forbidden to use them in other web pages or to use them as example for reproduction. Internet users are not entitled to sell any product or service, to make advertisement for commercial purpose or to make similar commercial behaviors by using such pages.

About Rights and Responsibilities is a system which makes electronic reservation (as online or through electronic mail) for hotel, airplane, rent a car, fair tour packages, stand renting, holiday/ business trip and other products. It provides users, who approve the agreement and are the member of system, with opportunity of electronic reservation (as online or through electronic mail). All calendars, which are published in the site of, are information purpose and site of and 9Ekim Companies Group may not be held responsible for failures to be arisen from dates which are viewed incorrectly due to human error or any technical faults. Site of and 9Ekim Companies Group do not accept any financial / legal responsibility in any probable problems to be arisen during use of products and services belonging to third parties published in the site. makes every effort to check correctness of whole content in the site. But and its owner 9Ekim Companies Group may not be kept responsible for information and price mistakes in the content of site. may make all kinds of changes and improvements in its pages at will. and its owner 9Ekim Companies Group may not be kept responsible for any information error to be arisen from such changes. and its owner 9Ekim Companies Group may not be kept responsible for any direct or indirect loss to be arisen from use of the site.

These terms enter into force as of the moment when user becomes member of the site and starts to use the system. 9Ekim Companies Group is entitled to change these terms at will.

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All using and content rights of are reserved. All rights of the site belong to owner company 9Ekim Companies Group. Using without consent was prohibited by laws.

  • Having “Foreign Personnel Work Permit” received from Ministry of Labor and Social Security and accordingly, having residence permit.
  • Being foreign retired person, having residence permit in Turkey.
  • Staying in Turkey in the Status of Foreign Student (YÖS) with the residence permit accordingly.
  • Being foreign sportsman/sportswoman subject to Turkish Sports Federation.
  • Being NATO personnel / soldier.
  • Being a foreigner who works under the scope of Technical Cooperation and International Agreements in Turkey.
  • Working in one of Foreign Press and Broadcasting Corporations as Press Official with press card.
  • Being diplomat/officer/personnel who is commissioned in Foreign Embassies and/or Consulates
  • Residing in the abroad, demanding to buy one of the cars which are available in the stocks on hand in Turkey, and to transport it to the abroad with him/her or through transport vehicles such as truck, vessel etc.
  • Being a foreigner who is married with Turkish citizen in Turkey and having residence permit issued by Turkish police department due to the marriage. However, due to the fact that it is known that residence permit, which is deserved due to the marriage, does not allow to buy tax free car (from foreigner to foreigner), applying to Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Ankara for receiving Foreign personnel work permit and waiting for obtaining work permit.

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