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9ekim was established as a private company in 1989. It started to provide services as an official and licensed Customs Consultancy Limited Company subject to Republic of Turkey, Undersecretariat of Customs in 1993. Taxfreecar department of 9ekim, which is a group company, provides very wide range of services which you can review in detail under the title of OUR SERVICES about customs consultancy services and vehicle logistics requiring specialization and peculiar to foreign consulates and embassies, for foreign people and companies in Turkey;



  • Supply, sale, intermediation for sale of Taxfreecar® from Foreigner to Foreigner,
  • Official customs consultancy transactions, domestic entry of the vehicles in the status of Taxfreecar®, converting into Turkish license plate, automobile registration, license plate and transactions up to the first registration date of the vehicle,
  • All transfer transactions in the purchase-sale of Taxfreecar®
  • Customs consultancy transactions for going abroad Taxfreecar® which shall abandon the homeland in the certain record of going abroad, and which shall go abroad by Sea, Road or by driving Personally, discharging by closing records of the vehicle in the customs and traffic institutions in Turkey, receiving Traffic discharge certificate, and then removing it from the passport.
  • Customs, transit abroad or arrival and departure transactions of Taxfreecar® of consulate employees, or automobiles allocated for people with diplomatic exemption (NATO, press, sports club members) and with Ministry of Foreign Affairs declaration certificate.
  • Tax free car supply from Turkey for our diplomats, military officers, sergeants and attachés
  • departure of these cars on their names (import), arrival of these into the country in the case of permanent return (export) and all kinds of logistics services.
  • Departure transactions of the vehicles bought from Turkey in order to sell in the countries such as Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, and providing insurance policies with international temporary license plate.
  • International vehicle transportation and logistics services (road, ship, airplane),


A professional organization should comply with principles of business conduct (confidence, honesty, punctuality, giving priority to customer benefits, keeping quality standards etc.) in order to survive and to perpetuate its success. 9ekim, which is a family company, has gained confidence of many international and domestic-capital companies which it has provided services, owing to its adherence strictly to these principles:

International firms and organizations such as Efes Pilsen, Coca Cola, Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, Bayer, Nova Nordisk, 3M, Consulate of United States of America, ABN Ambro Bank, Consulate of Saudi Arabia, NATO, Levis, AIG Insurance, Bayer, Los Angeles Time and many foreign people, who reside in Turkey, have preferred to benefit from customs consultancy and logistics relocation services of 9ekim. They have not made mistake with their preferences because 9ekim has not only met customer expectations with its service quality, but also protected rights of its customers by preventing time and criminal transactions arisen from incorrect (or incomplete) information. Please visit the page of REFERENCES in order to review the customer portfolio.