Taxfreecar Sale Service

Taxfreecar Sale Service

Taxfreecar Sale Service
25 March 2020
How do you want to sell your car?

Foreigners having work permit in Turkey, foreign students, foreign retired persons who reside in Turkey, diplomatic persons can sell their vehicles (automobile, minibus, motorcycle) which they have brought with them during their first arrival to Turkey or which they have bought as Taxfreecar® from Turkey, to another foreigner easily through

Sales specialists of our company determine sales value of the car and initiate necessary work for sales upon request of the customer. Our company has acted as intermediary for sales of hundreds of cars up to now owing to its experience about purchase-sale of Taxfreecar®. is visited by its thousands of members who reside in Turkey and in the abroad and have right to buy Taxfreecar®, intensively and regularly. Due to the fact that it has taken advantage of being the first and the best one in its field as necessary, it has accomplished to be the most visited web site for sales of Taxfreecar® in Turkey. It is essential to issue vehicle sales contract in all vehicle sales.

Normal Sales

The person, who wants to sell his/her car, uploads details and photographs of the car to the site through Car Sales Form in the page accessed by clicking the button of I WANT TO SELL TAXFREECAR® in the address of It is advertised on site as free of charge until the car is sold. Photographs of the car should be uploaded absolutely, otherwise people, who want to buy, may not decide. Our technicians take professional photographs of the car in its current location for our customers, who do not have any photographs, (this is a paid service), and then record them for sales into the web site immediately. In case customer is found for the car, car is shown to potential buyer on the spot or in a common place according to circumstance by our company’s sales representatives who know foreign language.

Vip Private Sales

Sales of private cars, which should be sold urgently or which are difficult to sell (luxury cars such as Hummer, Porsche, Ferrari) are concluded quickly with following steps.
  • Technicians of our company take photographs of the car with professional cameras in its current location.
  • Photographs and details of the car are placed into the section of OUR SELECTIONS FOR YOU in the home page of
  • Car details are published in most-widely read 2 newspapers by foreigners throughout Turkey under tracking of sales team.
  • Car details are put up for sale in the best web pages in which cars are sold online in Europe.
  • Site members are informed about sales of the car through authorized mailing.
  • Details of the car for sale are transmitted to all consulates in Turkey.
  • Commercial shooting with English sound recording is prepared for the new car with cameras of cutting-edge technology in HD quality. Link of video recording is added to the advertisement in web site. Please click following links in order to see example applications.
  • In case customer is found for the car, car is shown to potential buyer on the spot or in a common place according to circumstance by our company’s sales representatives who know foreign language.
  • VIP Direct Sales service is a paid service and is provided under the agreement.

Sales by Procuration

Cars of the foreigners, who shall be absent in Turkey in sales date of the car, can be sold by procuration and under the agreement by our company. Received sales value is remitted to the account of car owner through bank after sales. By this means, foreign customers have chance of selling their cars with real value and without any problem even if it is not in a short period. Car is parked for Sales by Procuration as free of charge during 45 days for displaying it in a field of our company.

Sales on Consignment

Foreign customers who wish may deliver their cars for sale to our company for displaying or may leave their cars in any place and then may demand to take customers to the place where the car is available. Introduction of car is performed properly in every condition; sales is performed without any problem and safely.

Buying the Car by Our Company (9Ekim Limited Company) Itself

If brand, model and features of the car for sale comply with demands which arrive to sales department, it may be bought by our company itself with a value to be agreed.

Sales by Barter

If you want to change your car but you do not want to look for buyer for it, then you may give your car to our company and then you can buy a car which you find in the site of or order from our abroad stocks by paying difference on it if necessary. You sell your car by barter immediately in this way.

Sales of Cars Which Come With Triptyque Certificate

Sales of cars with original foreign license plate, which come to Turkey with triptyque permit given for 6 months or shorter period from border gates under touristic exception, under the scope of Taxfreecar® (for example, own cars brought in the summer holiday by our citizens who work in Germany) was prohibited by Republic of Turkey, Undersecretariat of Customs. Such types of cars can be sold to the countries out of Turkey only with export record provided that they do not have leasing or any debt in their original country.

Some of Our Services Protection Status
Our online professional representatives have worked with some of the world's largest brands. 9Ekim Customs Consultancy firm was established in 1989 as a sole proprietorship. In 1993, it started to serve as an official and licensed Customs Consultancy Limited Company under the Undersecretariat of Customs of the Republic of Turkey.
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