Antique Auto Warranty, Expertise and Export Service

Antique Auto Warranty, Expertise and Export Service

Antika Oto Garantörlük, Expertiz ve İhracat Hizmeti
26 October 2022

You live in countries such as the USA, CANADA, GERMANY UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, and the most clicked automobile sales websites in Turkey, such as we have been , and providing the export , gibi Türkiye’de en fazla tıklanan otomobil satış web sitelerinde beğendiğiniz kullanılmış veya antika arabayı, motosikleti satın almak istiyorsunuz ancak bu konuda aracı satan kişiyi, firmayı tanımıyorsunuz ve aynı zamanda iletişim dil  sorunu var !

Is the car as seen in the pictures?

Is the person or company that will sell you the vehicle a scam?

Is the vehicle you intend to buy a stolen vehicle?

You paid for the vehicle, who will send the vehicle you bought abroad to you and who will do the customs clearance?

Who will organize the shipping abroad?

You only paid for the vehicle photos you saw on the internet, but will they deliver the vehicle you bought with money order, miles away from you?

If you want to buy a used car at an affordable price that you find on the internet sites in Turkey or that you see on your touristic trips to Turkey, your assistant who will provide professional support, residing in Turkey, might have no knowledge nor have any experience in vehicle purchase and vehicle export from Turkey. This is a huge mistake. If you buy a car online, the risk factor increases even more.


Shipping and logistics is another factor to consider. If the vehicle does not come as it was purchased from Turkey; the buyer will have few options to get your his money back. If you buy a used car without seeing it and without following all the processes, the possibility of being defrauded is very common in the world. (replacing new tires and rims with old tires and damaged rims after sale, disassembling and stealing existing accessories after sale, reducing mileage etc.) As a buyer, if you’re looking to buy a car online, you need experienced support to make sure you get what you pay for and get your car delivered. We’re here to help.


Our Company has started to offer this guarantee and safekeeping service first time in Turkey on the vehicles of the Antique Land Rover Defender brand vehicles the clients liked, which then have been purchased from abroad via Turkish websites for years, and in the following years, they have started to provide this service on all vehicles and motorcycles. When 9ekim group determines that the vehicle you bought corresponds to what you paid in full, it pays the price of the vehicle to the seller on your behalf, protects you from being defrauded, and afterwards immediately starts on delivery of your vehicle and puts it in its depot .


Both Buyer and Seller enjoy using our firm as a neutral third party and control payment and observe vehicle exchange.

Find the affordable car of your dreams on the websites in Turkey from abroad, 9ekim will take you into the circle of trust, buy the car on your behalf, pay for it and deliver it to you.

Content of the Service Provided;

  • Preliminary inspection of the favorite vehicle from abroad and sending detailed current picture and video footage to the customer.
  • Preliminary security information research about the seller company and the individual (with our retired police chiefs personnel)
  • Professional expertise on request
  • Complating the sale of the favorite vehicle from the notary public on behalf of the customer and then making the payment safely.
  • International shipping organization and fulfillment of export formalities from Turkey
  • Elimination of existing deficiencies on the vehicle, repair, modification, restoration and installation of any extra accessories upon request.

While you sleep comfortably, we will deliver the vehicle you have supplied from vehicle sales sites in Turkey on your behalf, safely and without being deceived, under the guarantee of our company, which has a 32-year history.

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Our online professional representatives have worked with some of the world's largest brands. 9Ekim Customs Consultancy firm was established in 1989 as a sole proprietorship. In 1993, it started to serve as an official and licensed Customs Consultancy Limited Company under the Undersecretariat of Customs of the Republic of Turkey.
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