International Car Insurance

International Car Insurance

Uluslararası Araç Sigortası

Transport Insurances :These are the insurances that offer certain guarantees against physical damage to your car during the transportation of your car by means of transportation. Goods transported by vehicles such as trucks, trains, ships, planes; in case of physical damage due to a negativity experienced, the aforementioned grievance is eliminated within the scope of the guarantees included in the insurance policy. In international vehicle transportation by truck, CMR Insurance arranges compensation of a part of the damage that occurs in the form of this insurance, even if it is covered in international car transportations.

However, we strongly recommend that the International vehicle transport insurance be made at the same time as the CMR insurances.

Please consult us about car insurance. Our experts will offer you the best solution.

Our company Anadolu Sigorta and AXA Sigorta are the solution partners of ALLIANCE A group agency.

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