MA License Plate Tax Free Vehicle Rights Inquiry!

It is not enough just to have a blue card or to be a foreigner to buy a vehicle with MA Plate (from foreign to foreigner)!

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Plate Vehi̇cle Registration

With the decision made by the Temporary Import Department of the Ministry of Customs and Trade in 2017, the status of being resident abroad has started to be implemented for Taxfree cars.

Being a resident abroad for 185 days; means that the person residing abroad in the ordinary situation has been actually abroad for at least 185 days within last one year, prior from the date he wishes to enter Turkey. .

The Ministry of Customs and Trade has put into practice the requirement that foreign individuals or expatriates with blue cards must meet the requirement of residing abroad as of the date they start working or studying in Turkey in order to temporarily bring blue plate vehicles as Taxfreecar from foreigner to foreigner to be registered in traffic. The same is the case with the cars that the American expats abroad and the European expatriates will bring as a tourist attraction, especially in the summer months.

As an example of foreign expats who will drive from foreigner to foreigner vehicles in Turkey as Taxfree car;


Example-1: A foreign expat who came to Turkey on 18.10.2017 and started to work on 18.08.2018 does not have the right to bring a vehicle within the specified scope since he has been resident in Turkey for 304 days in a year, prior from the date he started working.

Example-2: A foreign expat who came to Turkey on 18.10.2017 and started working on 15.02.2018 can bring a vehicle within the scope of YTGGK and YTGGF (Foregn registered cars temporry entry scope) since he has been resident abroad for 245 days in a year, prior from the date he started working.

As an example for expats who will use their cars with American or German license plates in the summer in Turkey as a tourist attraction.


Example-1: An American expatriate who arrived in Turkey on 18.10.2017 by plane, by driving his car to Turkey or by sending his vehicle from America by ship, but stayed in Turkey for 200 days between 18.08.2017-18.08.2016. Since the European or European expatriate car is resident in Turkey for 165 days abroad and 200 days on the other hand at Turkey in a year, prior from the date of entry into Turkey, he does not have the right to bring a vehicle within the specified scope.

However, foreign expats who want to take advantage of the Taxfreecar blue plate right or blue card holders, foreigners of Turkish origin or blue card holders, and expats who want to bring their cars as a tourist, especially in the summer months, are observed making false precise day calculations and vehicle imports based upon within the wrong information they have learned verbally without knowing the current regulations, circulars. It is observed that as a result of the wrong or missing day calculations of the Provincial Customs not specialized in vehicle importation or not realizing the revised laws , overlooking changes, it is observed that the vehicle owners are aggrieved and legally obliged to take their vehicles back to their countries even though they have rights. From time to time, the current practices are revised with the saving articles, communiqués and circulars published by the Ministry.

Our company, which is the Official and Licensed Customs Consultant on this subject, follows and implements the latest changes day by day, in order not to suffer from the current 185 days, "MA Plate Tax Free Vehicle Rights Inquiry! and "Touristic Vehicle 185 Days Inquiry" can be learned with great sensitivity on behalf of the vehicle owner, and learn that you have a real legal right.

This Customs Consultancy Consultancy Service, which has been implemented for the first time in Turkey by our company, is charged within the Consultancy fee schedule announced by the Ministry of Customs and Trade every year.

However, in case of purchasing one of the services available at the "rights inquiry fee" is deducted from this fee.

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Inquiry on the Right to Buy a Blue Plate Vehicle

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