International 2 Year Touristic Vehicle Transport Logistics

International 2 Year Touristic Vehicle Transport Logistics

Uluslararası 2 Yıl Süreli Turistik Araç Nakliye Lojistiği

People residing abroad, in other words, the individuals who have lived abroad for 185 days in a year, can temporarily bring their cars which had been registered at their previous place of residence abroad into Turkey within the scope of touristic conveniences. In this case, the vehicle can stay in Turkey with a foreign license plate for maximum 730 days.

  • Preferred by expatriates and foreigners with a residence permit in Turkey, in particular, all customs and services related to the door-to-door delivery of cars with foreign license plates, within the turnkey logistics of international vehicle transportation by ship, truck, RO-RO, in case of emergency, from abroad. We carry out the logistics processes on their behalf.
  • Through our solution offices in Germany Cologne and America Miami, we effortlessly carry out the operations of bringing the cars of expatriates into Turkey under the framework of Turkish touristic convenience law (former name triptik) from abroad or shipping of the vehicles of the expats who have ended their vacation out from Turkey again according to touristic conveniences. And we carry out all logistics processes professionally.

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