Full Kasko Insurance and Traffic Insurance Service for Blue Plate Vehicles

Full Kasko Insurance and Traffic Insurance Service for Blue Plate Vehicles

Mavi Plakalı Araçlara Özel Full Kasko ve Trafik Sigortası Hizmeti
19 October 2022

9Ekim Group provides support in terms of traffic insurance and Kasko damage insurance and international vehicle transport insurance for blue plate cars and foreign plate vehicles that require special expertise, in partnership with Anadolu Sigorta Agency. Kasko insurance, which is a motor vehicle insurance, ensures that the damages that may be incurred by the foreign vehicle owner who has taken out the insurance and the blue plate vehicle are covered. The foreign blue plate vehicle owner living in Turkey, who has an automobile insurance, insures himself and his vehicle against the damages that he may encounter in traffic in Turkey. The purpose of Kasko is; to compensate the damages that may be incurred by the motor vehicle with guest license plate belonging to the foreign expat insurance holder. Kasko insurance is not a type of insurance that is required by law. It is at the discretion of the vehicle owners whether to have insurance or not. However, considering the possible risks that may be encountered in traffic, automobile insurance is of great importance thanks to the guarantees it offers, especially for German origin and luxury foreign Ma plate vehicle owners, whose spare part prices are very high.

Some of the Blue Plate Car Extended Full Kasko Insurance Additional Coverages are as follows .

  • Damages caused by smoking and similar carelessness.
  • Protection of personal belongings.
  • No obsolescence.
  • Assistant services.
  • Supply of replacement vehicles.
  • Lock system.
  • Providing legal protection.
  • Validity of insurance abroad.
  • Free Mini-damages.
  • Car glass broken and key lost.

We have the option of 6 -9 installments for all insurance costs on the CREDIT card.

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