Guest Vehicle Clearance

Guest Vehicle Clearance

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  • Blue plate car
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  • Tax free car
  • Guest vehicle
  • Foreign to foreign car
  • Blue plate vehicle
  • MA license plate vehicle

About topics listed above , you will receive customs clearance services smoothly and reliably in the Customs Clearance of temporarily imported vehicles, in Turkey.

All Customs consultancy, International Transport, Registration, Traffic plate, insurance of your blue plate vehicle, whether you are abroad or you have bought a blue plate car from a foreigner who has the right to buy a blue plate car in Turkey, or that you have purchased from our company's stocks or from abroad with a pre-order on your behalf we have been carrying out the licensing and guarantee proceedings for 32 years in a corporate sense.

Whether your vehicle has come to Turkey for the first time, or whether it is deregistered from Turkey and going abroad, all the services required for your Taxfreecar vehicle are managed and implemented from one place under the roof of our company.

What is our difference?

  • We provide services under the permission and supervision of the Official T.R. Ministry of Customs and Trade.
  • 9Ekim Group , ( 9ekim Gümrük Müşavirliği LTD.ŞTİ ) , which is the person and organization to whom you will give power of attorney and to whom you will deliver your vehicle , has been registered with the Ministry permissions and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce with the Customs Broker profession code since 1993 .
  • We only offer services in automobile Logistics, Customs Brokerage and Tax-free auto.
  • We have certificates of appreciation and success from well-known people and international companies in Turkey, which are also published in the references section, and there is a chance to receive written and verbal confirmations from all references published in our company.
  • Due to the fact that we are in the status of customs consultant, we follow the Current Customs Legislation and interpret it with an expert's eye and approach you professionally by representing you in the Customs administrations.
  • Most of the trained specialist personnel working in our company have been working in our company for an average of 20 years and have knowledge of German and English.
  • Our company, with its solution offices in Germany and America, will assist and support you in the customs clearance procedures that will occur abroad with its Turkish-speaking experts not only in Turkey but also in various parts of the world.
  • With 9Ekim's transparent and clear price policy, your chance of encountering a surprise payment is low.
  • You have the chance to get detailed Customs Consultancy consultancy service on guest vehicle customs clearance via online zoom.
  • All company managers have a permit from the Ministry of Customs and Trade, A scorecard, and have 42 years of experience.

Importance of Customs Brokerage Authority!

In accordance to the Customs Law, it’s the duty of the Customs Consultancy firms which are subordinate to the Undersecretariat of Customs and to have a certificate of authority in this regard in order to represent vehicles or household goods in customs administrations on behalf of institutions. Our company is the only firm, specialised taxfree vehicles working with the limitations and permissions of the Republic of Turkey Undersecretariat Customs.

Giving authority only with noterised power of attorney document to the individuals or organisations that operate without having the customs brokerage license for making business in the customs administrations, makes the individual or institution that owns the vehicle guilty for the transaction. The individuals or the organisations that doesn’t have the right to represent in errors such as incorrect filling of the customs documents, tax calculations, violations of the time restrictions, are not responsible. All the responsibility belongs to the owner of the vehicle and the owner faces judicial authority in criminal cases. Because in the Customs Administrations of the Republic of Turkey, to make transactions according to the current law of customs and to be held accountable for the responsibility of the transaction is given only to the customs consultants that went through only long periods exams and experience that proves this process with results and official documents and the customs agencies that are binded by their ownership.

The current Customs Law- (Law No. 4458) (dated 04.11.1999, numbered 23866) and the relevant law article are presented below for your information. If you examine the article of the law, you will understand the importance of working with companies that have legal documents and authorization in customs procedures:

Business Follow Ups and Custom Brokerages at Customs.
ARTICLE 225- I Related activities of the item that is approved by customs or be subjected to use within the decree of the 5th article’s part. It is followed and finalized by owners or parties on behalf of owners via direct representation or by customs consultants via indirect representation.

Current Customs Regulations
Customs Regulations (on the date of 07.10.2009, page 27369)

Business Follow Ups at Customs, Custom Brokerages and their assistants.
Business Follow Ups at Customs
1.) All individuals can follow up the anticipated work and transactions about the custom legislation on their own or
3.) Customs brokerages that have the notarized power of attorney given by the owner, can make the business follow ups at customs office with the way of indirect representation.

Our company are experts in and authorised about customs proceedings in Taxfreecar ® (it can also be called as a exempt vehicle). It follows the laws, circulars and anticipated articles about Taxfreecar day to day, informing their customers. We have expert officers in all of the Istanbul automobile specialised customs.

After finalising the customs clearence of the vehicle, the data is archived in the central office by using of specialised softwares. The tracking of time is done as how it should be. When two months left to the deadline (Blue Carnet, banderole, insurance, etc.) , the owner of the vehicle is informed for avoiding criminal penalty.

Check out our blue plate vehicle services:

Our online professional representatives have worked with some of the world's largest brands. 9Ekim Customs Consultancy firm was established in 1989 as a sole proprietorship. In 1993, it started to serve as an official and licensed Customs Consultancy Limited Company under the Undersecretariat of Customs of the Republic of Turkey.
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