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It is not enough just to have a blue card or to be a foreigner to buy a vehicle with MA Plate (from foreign to foreigner)!

Wide Range of Brands

With our wide access we can provide any brand of car or seek for any brand of car on your behalf available in Taxfreecar Turkey registered market. You can acquire the car of your dreams via our contacts.

Trusted by Our Clients

Thanks to our referances from our high profile and credible previous clients, we have a huge degree of trust and brand name that is acquinted with fast, reliable and highly satisfying taxfreecar service for clients.

Fast & Easy Financing

Thanks to our Taxfree Car Turkey finding, sales brokering, registering etc service, a foreign expat with legal eligibility can drive a car registered with privilaged status of tax exempt from special consumption tax and VAT in much lower cost.

Our Team

  • Is meticilous on our field of service
  • Focused on customer satisfaction
  • Creative and dedicated in their work
  • Absolutely dedicated on company brand
  • Motivated with a high respect to our service

Who can buy a tax-free vehicle?

Who cannot get a tax-free vehicle?


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