Foreign to Foreign Tax Free Car (Blue Plate)

What is taxfreecar system in Turkey?

It's a system, making use of the 130 and 131th articles of the Customs Code N.4458, defined by article 376/j of the Custom By-laws(published in the Official Journal at 7th October 2009), of the Customs General Citation #1 Regarding the Land Vehicles Destined to Personal and Commercial Use by the Customs Counselorship allowing the registration of foreigners' vehicles registered at their residence address for private use through Turkey Touring and Automobile Institution (a state institution) through a deposit fee determined by the car's insurance value and to be returned when the car is deregistered or sold, without paying any taxes. It is known also as foreigner to foreigner car, blue plate and blue carnet car within the public.

Individuals able to benefit from the taxfreecar system in Turkey.

  • Foreigners who do not possess the Turkish citizenship albeit a work permit from the Work Ministry. If the criteria are met, our company 9ekim Group also provides legal support and consultancy to foreigners to obtain a work permit.
  • Individuals of Turkish origins but never having obtained the Turkish citizenship or individuals who cancelled Turkish citizenship and obtained a foreign citizenship and also having obtained a blue card (as long as they are retired from abroad or registered within SSK or Bağkur). 
  • Foreign Education Members.
  • Foreign Athletes.
  • Foreign Press Members
  • Foreign Diplomats and Consulate Members (Free of deposit).
  • Foreign university students, including those of Turkish origin with a blue card (only license and above).
  • Retirees from abroad (retirees with blue card are included).

Who can not buy taxfree cars?

  • Dual citizens (Turkish and and another citizenship).
  • Turkish citizen (Able to buy the car only to use abroad).
  • Foreigners having only residence permit due to marriage (Must obtain a work permit from the Work Ministry. If the criteria are met our company 9ekim Group also provides assistance and service in obtaining a work permit).
  • Minors and foreign students attending language courses as TÖMER (Students must absolutely attend a university other than AÖF and its residence permit must be a foreign student residence permit).
  • One can not obtain a car through a foreigner with a valid work permit or blue card and use the car on his/her behalf.

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Why is the touring deposit collected?

Turkey's fiscal system has various taxes in place under different names such as VAT (18%), SCT (90 – 140%) and Customs Tax (10%). Considering that the cars in question are allowed entrance to the country without paying the related taxes; deposit fees are taken as an insurance deposit fee to cover the damages against possibilities of the usage of these cars outside of their original purposes, being rented to another person, being loaned, being transferred to another person, being sold, being used by unlawful owners, exchange or sale without due permission of the car parts that entered with the car and registered on car documents.


On our web page's deposit fee calculation section, you can calculate the current deposit rates. The deposit rates could be paid in foreign currencies such as Euro/USD and could be returned in the same currency. Another option is to obtain a letter of credit from your company or from your bank through your own means to cover these deposit fees.

For touring deposit sample

Sale of a brand new car configurated according to client's demands from Germany.

  • Taxfree (blue plate) guest vehicle temporary customs clearance.
  • Registration and declaration of taxfree cars in every corner of Turkey (Plate, Customs, Traffic Permit, Touring, TSI).
  • Foreigner to foreigner, taxfree car sales and purchase and intermediary services.
  • Car supply and logistics for any brand and model through our company 9ekim Group's guarantee from abroad (First in Turkey).
  • Door-to-door logistics and delivery services including the Turkish registration on cars chosen and found by the car owner from Germany and neighboring countries. (First in Turkey)
  • Purchase, assesment against accident and damages, return of VAT (if applicable), translation service between seller and the client on cars found by individuals on internet from German car sellers. (First in Turkey)
  • Deregistration of current taxfreecar vehicles, return of Touring deposits, extension services, blue carnet renewals, transfer of blue plate cars abroad.
  • Car transportation through specialised car transporter trucks from Germany to Turkey and transportation of cars to anywhere in the world through maritime means.
  • Sale of a brand new car configurated according to client's demands from Germany.
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