Blue Plate Vehicle Customs And Registration

Blue Plate Vehicle Customs And Registration

Blue Plate Vehicle Customs And Registration
10 November 2021
Vehicle customs clearance services.

9ekim Limited Şirketi, which was established in 1993, is the first and the single company which performs customs clearance transactions of the vehicles under the scope of Taxfreecar® within the frame of permissions given by Undersecretariat of Customs. Our company, which is the member of Istanbul Association of Customs Consultants and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, provides services in the status of official customs consultant performing semi-public service. You can see our international customers who prefer the privilege of working with an authorized and professional company in the section of references.

Our company conducts logistics and customs transactions of the vehicles belonging to those who reside in Turkey with work permit, students, NATO soldiers, and consulate officials, foreign people who reside in Turkey after retirement, international companies and their employees, with the specialization brought by its experience for approximately 20 years.

Borusan Oto, Turkey Distributor of BMW, Land Rover, Mini branded vehicles, recommends our company as solution partner in the customs consultancy services of the vehicles in the status of Taxfreecar®.


  • All customs consultancy transactions of Taxfreecar® from foreigner to foreigner.
  • Domestic entry of Taxfreecar®, converting into Turkish license plate, automobile registration, license plate and transactions up to the first registration date of the vehicle.
  • All necessary abroad-domestic customs and logistics transactions from transfer of vehicle with foreign license plate bought or situated in the abroad, to Turkey, until converting it into Turkish license plate under the scope of Taxfreecar®.
  • All transfer transactions in the purchase-sale of Taxfreecar®.
  • Closing records in the customs and traffic institutions in Turkey during certain departure of Taxfreecar®, discharging vehicle from traffic, removing vehicle from the passport, transfer of vehicle to the abroad through road or sea and abroad customs transactions.
  • Getting additional periods for the vehicles whose periods are about to finish, from Turkish Touring and Automobile Company and customs offices, following their periods and giving notice automatically to vehicle owners within 45 days before expiration of the period in order not to constitute any criminal situation.
  • Compulsory insurance and automobile insurance transactions.
  • Customs consultancy services for Taxfreecar®.
  • Certain abandonment to customs transactions of the vehicle damaged as a result of the accident.
  • Customs, abroad transit, arrival and departure transactions of Taxfreecar® of consulate employees, or automobiles allocated for people with diplomatic exemption (NATO, press, sports club members) and with Ministry of Foreign Affairs declaration certificate.
  • Vehicle Inspection and Turkish Standards Institution Conformity Certificate transactions.
  • Departure transactions of the vehicles bought from Turkey in order to sell in the countries such as Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, and providing insurance policies with international temporary license plate.
  • Professional vehicle transportation and shipping services through international road and ship.

Importance of Customs Consultancy Authority!

Customs Consultancy companies, performing semi-public services subject to Republic of Turkey, Undersecretariat of Customs and having authority certificate about this subject, are authorized to represent vehicles or household goods in the customs offices on behalf of the institutions in accordance with Customs Law. Our company is a single company which is specialized in tax free car and works with authority and permission of Republic of Turkey, Undersecretariat of Customs.

Providing authority to perform any action in the customs offices only with notarized power of attorney certificate to persons and institutions which do not have Customs Consultancy Authority Certificate causes to find guilty vehicle owner and transacting person or institution. Person and institution, which do not have any representation right, do not have any responsibility for the problems such as completion of customs documents incorrectly, tax calculations, period infringements, whole responsibility belongs to the vehicle owner and in case of criminal situations, it comes across judicial authorities. Because, only customs consultants, who have passed through a long examination and experience process, and proved this with examination results and documents, and customs consultancy companies, owned by them accordingly, are granted with authority to perform action according to current customs law in Republic of Turkey, Customs Offices and to bear responsibility of the transaction.

Current Customs Law (4458 numbered Law) (04.11.1999 dated and 23866 numbered Official Gazette) and relevant law article have been submitted for your information in the following. If you inspect the law article, you will understand importance of working with the companies having legal certificates and authority in the customs transactions:
Job Follow-up in the Customs and Customs Consultants


I. Activities related to subjecting the goods to a transactions or use approved by the customs are followed and concluded by their owners and those acting on behalf of them through direct representation or by customs consultants through indirect representation within the frame of provisions of 5th article.

Current Customs Regulations, Customs Regulations (07.10.2009 dated and 27369 numbered Official Gazette)


Job Follow-up in the Customs and Customs Consultants and Customs Consultant Assistants


(1) All people can follow dispositions and transactions stipulated with customs regulations personally by themselves as well as.

(3) Job follow-up can be performed by customs consultants having notarized power of attorney granted by owner of goods, through indirect representation in the customs offices.

Our company is specialized and authorized about customs transactions of Taxfreecar®. It follows all laws, circulars, transferable letters of credit issued about Taxfreecar® (also called as exempt car) from day to day and informs customers about them. It has permanent, specialized personnel in all automobile specialized customs in Istanbul.

After customs clearance transactions of the vehicles finish, information is archived in the head office by using special software. Period follow-ups are performed properly. Owner of vehicle is informed in 2 months before expiration of period (Blue Carnet, banderole, insurance etc.) and is prevented to be imposed with any penalty.

Taxed Imports of Automobile Subject to Customs

All institutions and people residing in Turkey may import vehicle pursuant to their own requirements without having any license in the abroad. Vehicles should be “0” (unused). 1974 Model vehicles and vehicles in the status of Antique may be imported by paying their taxes. Information can be obtained related to import transactions by completing TAX CALCULATION FORM.

Some of Our Services Protection Status
Our online professional representatives have worked with some of the world's largest brands. 9Ekim Customs Consultancy firm was established in 1989 as a sole proprietorship. In 1993, it started to serve as an official and licensed Customs Consultancy Limited Company under the Undersecretariat of Customs of the Republic of Turkey.
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