Germany – Turkey Car Shipping Logistics

Germany – Turkey Car Shipping Logistics

Almanya ⇔ Türkiye Oto Nakliye Lojistiği

Our solution partner company, located in Cologne, Germany, is located very close to the highway and is directly connected to the Rhein-Ruhr region contact points and provides seamless service for the international transportation of automobiles. Due to the importance we place on human resources in our facility equipped with a modern and modern infrastructure, our personnel are experienced in the sector and consist of German and Turkish citizens graduated from the logistics and foreign trade departments of universities. This privilege creates zero error in communication and our ability to act quickly. You can be sure that you can get the best and reliable service for car transportation from Turkey to Germany.

It is recommended that all reservations be made within week in advance of vehicle transportation from Germany to Turkey or from Turkey to Germany, which is in high demand from expatriates, especially in the summer months.

The best way for vehicle owners coming to Turkey from Germany to spend their summer holidays comfortably without risk and fatigue of 3000-4000 km driving is to transport the vehicles from door to door with our company. Our written and oral references attest to this.

Shipping prices vary according to the size of the vehicles and the time of transportation.

Check out our blue plate vehicle services:

Our online professional representatives have worked with some of the world's largest brands. 9Ekim Customs Consultancy firm was established in 1989 as a sole proprietorship. In 1993, it started to serve as an official and licensed Customs Consultancy Limited Company under the Undersecretariat of Customs of the Republic of Turkey.
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