Full Insurance for Touristic Foreign Plate Vehicles (First and Only in Turkey)

Full Insurance for Touristic Foreign Plate Vehicles (First and Only in Turkey)

Turistik Yabancı Plakalı Araçlara Full KASKO (Türkiye’de İlk ve Tek)

Our company, which is the solution partner of Anadolu Sigorta and AXA Sigorta, ALLIANCE A group agency, has been making KASKO insurance, which is known as voll insurance in Turkey, for the last one year without any problems, for expatriates and especially for German insurance agencies abroad.

What is the difference between KASKO insurance and compulsory traffic insurance?

Whether you have Compulsory Traffic Insurance done abroad or have it done by our company in Turkey, without the insurance called Kfz haftpflicht (green insurance) in Germany, your vehicle with foreign license plate is not allowed to be temporarily allowed into Turkey through customs and this insurance covers only the European side in Turkey (German insurance covers only the European side, it does not cover accidents you have done on the Asian side.) Kfz haftpflicht ( yeşil sigorta ) adıyla anılan sigorta olmadan Türkiye’ye yabancı plakalı aracınızı gümrüklerden geçicisine izin verilmez ve bu sigorta Türkiye sınırları içerisinde ( alman sigortalarında sadece avrupa yakasını kapsar asya yakasında yaptığınız kazaları kapsamaz )

It covers the damage of the other party in the accidents you have been involved. However, KASKO covers both the damage of the other party and your own damage with the motor insurance (voll insurance) to be made by our company in Turkey. If your vehicle is stolen or parts are stolen from the vehicle, which has been seen a lot in Turkey recently, it covers your loss by compensating original cost. Your insurance covers the material damage caused by natural events such as flood, earthquake and hail of your car with foreign license plate.

With AXA, ALLIANCE and ANADOLU Insurance, we support the work, which was put into practice by our company for the first time in Turkey, to secure their vehicles, which are mainly brought to Turkey by expatriates living in Germany and the United States, especially in summer seasons, with Full KASKO Insurance.

In case of damage or accident, our company's insurance experts, who speak German and English, provide you with professional service.

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