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Hello, I have reviewed your site; it is a quite informative and good site. First of all, I thank you for your service, you inform us substantially. My first question is related to my wife, she has Uzbekistan passport. We come to Turkey within one month. First of all, how is the work permit which you mention in your writings, received? What are the difficulties? If we buy automobile with blue license plate from you, do we have opportunity to use vehicle credit from banks in Turkey in order to buy such automobile? My second question: If we come to Turkey by the car with foreign license plate and we go out of and come back to Turkish customs again by such car every 6 months, if we use automobile with Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan license plate, does it cause any problem? Or is such probability possible? Thank you in advance for your answer.

If your wife has appropriate qualifications for the company in which she will work in Turkey and if necessary documents are complete, she will get work permit. Our parent company namely 9ekim provides consultancy services for getting work permits related to getting work permit for foreign personnel. As for the credit, banks have decision right and authority about this subject. The bank with which you work decides by considering your deposit and your status as a customer in the bank. It is not possible to extend 6 months period by bringing your own car and then making entry and exit because it was forbidden to extend period again by making entry and exit every 6 months in 2001. In case you exceed triptyque period for 6 months, you may be obliged to pay heavy penalties such as 3 times of customs duty.

HOW IS IT APPLIED for work permit?

One of the following first two conditions should be fulfilled and a correct and complete application file should be prepared in order to make application of foreign personnel work permit. For getting work permit which is one of the activity areas of 9ekim group, you can visit web sites of and
Residence permit: It is applied with the forms to be completed pursuant to information and documents of foreign personnel who got residence permit for minimum six months in Turkey and whose period did not expire, and information and documents of institution or organization to be worked. Application may not be made to the Ministry without residence permit in Turkey.
Work Visa application: Those who do not have residence permit for minimum six months in Turkey may not make application from Turkey. They should make application for work visa to Turkish Consulates in their own country personally.
Period of Application to Ministry: Permit application file signed by the company and foreigner should be delivered to Ministry of Labor at the latest within 10 days as of date of work visa application made to the Consulate. Applications made after 10 days elapse are not accepted.
Opportunity to get permit is maximized with an application file prepared correctly and completely in compliance with inspection and assessment criteria of the ministry.Applications made with the missing documents may be assessed negatively and refused by the institution and also may extend permit approval period for months due to the period to be lost for demanding and completing the missing documents.
For these reasons, preparation of foreign personnel work permit application file by a team like our company, which knows inspection and assessment criteria of the Ministry very well and which is experienced for years, is an essential requirement for company and foreigner.
9ekim Group is an experienced company working institutionally for more than 14 years period with its experienced staff who knows inspection and assessment criteria of the Ministry very well.

For how long is residence permit given, is it during the period when I work?

It is given until expiration date of the work permit. When aforementioned work permit is extended, your residence permit is also extended from Police Department by us.

What are the advantages of residence permit? For example, can I acquire Turkish citizenship easier?

Residence permit enables you not to get visa in entry and exit of Turkey, to rent a house, to open account in the banks and to use it as an official document in many similar transactions. We can call it as your identity card in Turkey. Due to the fact that acquiring Turkish citizenship is subject to a separate legislation, whether your being owner of residence provides any benefit or not is assessed by Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

My wife is Turkish citizen, she acquired German citizenship subsequently; we will reside in Turkey with single passport. What are required in order to get work permit?

Although your wife has a single passport, due to the fact that she has Pink Card, she could not get work permit. Work permit is not granted to those who have pink and blue card.

I am British citizen and I am working in the abroad. I visited Turkey for travelling in the summer holiday. I got triptyque driving permit for 6 months in Kapıkule entry point for me to drive my car in Turkey however such permit expires in the following month. If I go to Greece and I stay there for 1 night and then I enter into Turkey again by my car next day, can I get driving permit for new period of 6 months?

It is not possible to extend 6 months period by bringing your own car and then making entry and exit because it was forbidden to extend period again by making entry and exit every 6 months in 2001. In case you exceed triptyque period for 6 months, you may be obliged to pay heavy penalties such as 3 times of customs duty. On the expiration of driving rights granted for the vehicles, which arrive Turkey temporarily under the scope of touristic exemptions, in the entry points in Turkey for maximum 6 months, if both owner of vehicle and also vehicle remain in the abroad again for 6 months, it gets driving right in Turkey for a new period of 6 months. In other words, in case you stay in Greece for 6 months, not 1 night in Greece, you can get driving permit for new period of 6 months again from Turkish customs.

For how long do people, who reside in the abroad, use the vehicle with foreign license plate in Turkey?

It can be stayed for maximum 6 months by a vehicle with foreign license plate. Triptyque is the name of period recorded into the passport for such vehicles in the customs. Even if this period exceeds 1 day, its penalty is twice of taxed value of the vehicle. Penalty is not imposed upon the documentation of excused delays due to disease, accident, death, natural disasters, to the customs directorate.

I have several questions related to vehicles with foreign license plate. I am Iran citizen and I attend in Istanbul University. When I order any vehicle to you, how many months can I use the vehicle with foreign license plate in Turkey without depositing guarantee and once for how much month do I have to make entry and exit? As for the guarantee, we pay such money into the bank and can we get its interest from the bank? You have mentioned about bank guarantee in your explanations. How can we get guarantee letter from the bank without depositing the money?

A foreigner, who got residence permit in Turkey, can not drive a vehicle with foreign license plate by using Triptyque period because this right is granted only for tourists. The information, which you have obtained, is incorrect. It is not possible to extend triptyque period any more by making entry and exit, which is an application made before 10 years. In order to get guarantee letter from the bank without depositing any money, if any, you should put lien on your real property in Turkey.

Is it possible to sell vehicles, which are brought from abroad by driving and with Triptyque certificate, to the foreigners in Turkey?

It is not possible to sell such vehicles to foreigners in diplomatic status or other statuses in Turkey. It was forbidden by Republic of Turkey, Undersecretariat of Customs.

Hello, my name is John Westside, I am British citizen, due to the fact that I do not have right leg, I have been retired due to disability, I am living with my wife in Didim. Do we have right to buy tax free car for disables, which is benefited by Turkish disables as well?

Due to the fact that you have residence permit in Turkey, you also have right to buy tax free car for disables, which is owned by Turkish citizens.

I am citizen of Turkish and Iraq citizen. Is it possible for me to buy a second hand vehicle with foreign license plate from you provided that I go to Iraq within 72 hours?

You can buy automobile by having force of transit.

Can taxfreecar® be sold in the abroad by carrying it to any country?

Vehicles in the status of Taxfreecar®, for which traffic discharge certificate has been received by closing its records in Turkey, can be carried to the abroad and can be sold in the abroad.

I am selling cars in Kazakhstan Almaty. I see that Taxfreecar® is cheap in Turkey, if I buy such cars, how much expense do I have for its export and exit from Turkey? (License plate, transit customs transactions, insurance, transit license plate, insurance etc.)

You have expense in the amount of averagely 400 USD per car/transaction-although it varies according to brand and model of the car which you will buy.

I would like to do trade of car in Baku, Azerbaijan and I would like to export Taxfreecar® from Turkey. Do we have opportunity to buy cars in Turkey stock in your web site by delivery in Sarp Customs Station?

Our cars are in Istanbul generally but it is possible to deliver some vehicles in Sarp Customs Station provided that you pay transportation and transaction fee. Please write e-mail to our company for your demands.

What are the required documents for customs and traffic transactions while Taxfreecar® is bought?

The documents, which are required in Taxfreecar® transactions, vary according to your status in Turkey. In case you sign agreement about “door-to-door delivery of Taxfreecar®” with our company, required documents shall be sent to your party.

How many vehicles can be bought by a person who has right to buy Taxfreecar®?

Foreigners have right to buy only one piece of Taxfreecar®. Essence and formula of the work is as follows: 1 piece of work permit = 1 piece of Taxfreecar®

How much TL are Touring guarantee rates and what is the mode of payment? How can I take back the deposit later?

Touring guarantee rates have been submitted as list in our web site, please click TOURING GUARANTEE LIST for reviewing.
Furthermore, in case you select any car for sale, you can get both guarantee rate of vehicle and also detailed information about the guarantee by clicking “Guarantee Amounts For Vehicles From Foreigner to Foreigner” under the photograph of car for sale.

How much do customs, traffic, etc. registration transactions of Taxfreecar® which I will buy, take?

If there is not any deficiency in the required documents to be provided by you, customs transactions take 1-2 day(s), roadworthiness certificate takes 1 day, finance, traffic registration, automobile registration and license plate transactions take 3 days. It takes totally 5/7 business days in case there is no business traffic in the Customs and Traffic Departments and no delay in sending in the postal service.

What are the expenses other than prices of Taxfreecar®?

Customs, Automobile Registration & License Plate, Traffic Insurance, Vehicle Inspection, Touring Carnet and service charge amounts approximately 800-1200 Euro other than own price of the vehicle. Furthermore, Cash Guarantee or Bank Guarantee Letter, which is determined according to Model Year and Engine Size, is demanded by Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey for the vehicle which is demanded to be bought. It can be deposited in USD, EURO or TRY into the accounts determined by Touring. You can get information related to guarantee amounts from the section of USEFUL INFORMATION.

I am retired German citizen who resides in Bodrum, I have normal 2nd hand Doblo branded vehicle whose taxes were paid, however, its license plates are MA and I bought such vehicle from a Turkish citizen. Can I sell the vehicle which I bought from a Turkish citizen, to another Turkish citizen although the vehicle has MA license plate? Otherwise, do I have to sell it from foreigner to foreigner because it has MA license plate?

Due to the fact that this vehicle is not bought through temporary import with tax exemption, you can sell it to any person with any nationality, through public notary as well as in the sales of normal vehicles.

Taxfreecar® Rights of Foreigners Who Were Retired in the Abroad or in Turkey and Who Have Residence Permit in Turkey

Foreigners, who have resided by buying a house in the south coasts and have residence permit which they have received from their registered police department, foreigners branch, have right to get Taxfreecar® only when they are retired. Current Customs Law does not allow them to get Taxfreecar® with residence permits which they receive from police departments in the place where they reside, only by buying or renting a house. However, retired foreigner can get such permit.
It is conditional to get guarantee letter for all vehicles whether they are zero kilometer or new, subject of guarantee is mentioned in detail in our web site. However, they can buy normal vehicles with Turkish license plate whose taxes were paid in the aforementioned case.
Prices of the vehicles, which you like in our web site, are net Istanbul customs delivery prices and any amount is not collected other than this. Sale and purchase of the vehicle takes maximum 2 business days, customs and traffic transactions of the vehicle take averagely 1 week.
Even if you buy the vehicle from the domestic and also from the abroad, you are obliged to pay the guarantee, review the sections related to the subject carefully in the section of USEFUL INFORMATION.
We have Taxfreecar® service and vehicle shipment to the other provinces and counties such as Antalya, Fethiye, İzmir, Kaş, Bodrum, Didim, Muğla.