Door to Door Vehicle Logistics

Door to Door Vehicle Logistics

Door to Door Vehicle Logistics
11 November 2021
Fast transport from Europe to your home, international vehicle transportation and logistics.

One of the group companies of our company, 9Ekim Uluslararası Nakliyat Ltd. Şti. takes all cars (automobiles, minibuses, 4×4 terrain vehicles, motorcycles) coming from and going to abroad, especially from Europe, will be transported to their destination in a short time and safely with the latest model trucks of German origin.

Our company has been working together with its business partner in Germany, which has been transporting international cars and household goods for 80 years. All cars can be safely parked in the bonded warehouse area within the 20.000m2 area of our business partner in Munich. We have regular voyage from Germany to Turkey as every week. Trailer Truck Leaving days are Tuesday – Friday from Germany to Turkey, and Monday – Thursday from Turkey to Germany. All our drivers involved in trailer truck transport are German nationals and are experienced in international car transport and household goods transportation. Our company also provides long or short term storage and parking service for your car at very reasonable prices abroad.

When required and when requested by the customer, the customs procedures abroad are completed by the agencies of our company abroad. It is also possible to transport international cars to overseas countries by sea and container. Car transports with container require different specialty, because cars that are not well secured to containers with proper and high-quality technical materials are greatly damaged, especially in overseas transport. Weekly voyages are arranged to America, England, Germany and Russia. On request, cars can be transferred to overseas countries by plane cargo.

Our company provides services only for international car and household goods transportation, and we can direct those who want to carry commercial goods to specialist companies.

Some of Our Services Protection Status
Our online professional representatives have worked with some of the world's largest brands. 9Ekim Customs Consultancy firm was established in 1989 as a sole proprietorship. In 1993, it started to serve as an official and licensed Customs Consultancy Limited Company under the Undersecretariat of Customs of the Republic of Turkey.
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